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Here's how to eat delicious food while losing fat consistently

Starting today. . .

If you want to sink your teeth into delicious food that pumps energy through your veins, & keeps you full from morning til night. . .

And you’re tired of the "diet foods", the "diet tastes," & "diet portions" that leave you hungry, craving, & sleepy...

Then this little cookbook has your name engraved on it.

It’ll transform every meal of the day into a meal you actually look forward to.

Inside, I’ll show you 90+ easy recipes which utilize many little ingredient tweaks to decrease calories, increase protein, & supercharge deliciousness.

Mouth watering stuff like. . .

A Rich & Creamy Cheesecake
with 1/5 the calories

This recipe & its ingredients:
on page 123

High-Calorie Recipe

Vanilla Bean

From a restaurant with "factory" in its name

1170 Calories88g fat11g protein

Recipe in This Book

It’s That Easy
Vanilla Cheesecake

217 Calories5g fat27g protein

A 'favorite' crispy chicken sandwich with 266 fewer calories

This recipe & its ingredients:
on page 50

High-Calorie Recipe

Fried Chicken

From a restaurant with “Popeye” in its name

699 Calories42g fat28g protein

Recipe in This Book

How Is It Healthy
Chicken Sandwich

433 Calories8g fat48g protein

A Rich And Creamy Butter Chicken That Has No Butter But Tastes Like It Does

This recipe & its ingredients:
on page 66

High-Calorie Recipe

Regular Butter

From your local restaurant

660 Calories49g fat42g protein

Recipe in This Book

Unbuttered Butter

333 Calories13g fat40g protein

A Tasty Breakfast Sandwich
Made For Building Muscle

This recipe & its ingredients:
on page 39

High-Calorie Recipe

Popular Breakfast

From a restaurant with a “Mc” in its name

430 Calories21g fat17g protein

Recipe in This Book


265 Calories5g fat26g protein

hello world!

Every recipe is easy
to prepare

Every recipe is easy
to prepare

Each recipe comes with step-by-step instructions that are easy to follow — even if you’re not good at cooking.

Following along really is easy too because there aren’t that many steps in each recipe!

These recipes use very simple, inexpensive ingredients. You won’t have any problems finding them in the store either, because I show you exactly what to look for when examining labels!

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Every recipe is integrated
with MyFitnessPal

Nobody I know "enjoys" logging ingredients. That’s why, with this cookbook, you don’t have to!

All 90+ recipes have already been logged in the MyFitnessPal app for you.

That means, all you have to do is look up the name of each
recipe, and select it!

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Eat food you actually enjoy every day
while still hitting your fitness goals

Little Fat Loss
Ingredient Tweaks

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How is this possible?
“Little Fat Loss Ingredient Tweaks!”

What is a Little Fat Loss Ingredient Tweak?

I call them LFITs for short. . .

An LFIT is an ingredient that tastes the same as a higher calorie ingredient, is roughly the same size, but
has fewer calories.

And my cookbook is filled with them.

For example. . .

In my 4 cheesecake recipes
(yes, there’s 4):

Instead of normal cream cheese, I use another kind of store bought 'cheese' to replicate the flavor and texture, while decreasing a TON of calories and increasing protein.


It tastes unbelievably close to calorie-dense normal cheesecake without making your waist bulge.

Another Example. . .

In my Penne Alfredo Recipe:

Instead of waist-expanding alfredo sauce, I use a very specific kind of yogurt, a “yeast” (that’s right), and another LFIT to replicate the creamy, hearty, thick delicious flavor of alfredo sauce....

Without the high-fat calories.


It tastes nearly the same as any normal alfredo.

And that's just 2...

Every recipe inside is tweaked just like that:
to decrease the calories you consume, while keeping the flavor!

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The Secret Behind This
Cookbook’s Cover

You’re not just locked in to the
90+ delicious recipes inside this
cookbook like. . .


Bigger Big

820 cal

486 calProtein: 40g


Unbuttered Butter

660 cal

333 calProtein: 40g


Chicken Pizza

1920 cal

762 calProtein: 55g


Baked Mac and

620 cal

295 calProtein: 23g


Your Next Birthday


60 calProtein: 7g


Pumpkin Pie

630 cal

301 calProtein: 17g


Banana Nut

590 cal

355 calProtein: 36g


Vanilla Sprinkle

270 cal

122 calProtein: 7g

There are meals to meet a huge variety of tastes and preferences.

But there’s a whole other aspect to this cookbook you’ll likely want to take advantage of — especially if you’re a snacker.

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You can eat many of the
ingredients individually

For example: The peanut butter substitute I use in a few recipes. . .

It tastes just like normal full-fat peanut butter, but has far fewer calories.

Grab a spoon and eat it all by itself instead of normal peanut
butter and your PB craving will be satisfied.

Or, you can grab a knife and spread that very same peanut
butter across toast. . . or put it in Pad Thai . . .
or keep eating it by itself!

There’s so many delicious LFITs
inside such as. . .

A Chocolate Chip

A Caramel

A Cheese

A Bacon

An Egg


A Potato

A Rice

And that’s just scratching the surface!

Now, when you see these ingredients for the first time you may say, “huh? Icky. These are odd...” But I urge you to try them!

Because, when you taste them, you’ll wonder why you haven’t been eating these foods instead your entire life!

They taste nearly identical to normal food most people buy, but have way fewer calories!

They’re inexpensive too. Which is why I’m going to tell you where to get them in the
store, and exactly what to look for on labels!

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90+ Delicious Recipes that
cover all the bases

There are recipes to please every palate. Whether you're trying to get diced for your next IFBB pro competition, or you’re just an LA fitness weekend warrior who wants to lean down, there's something inside for you.

Such as. . .

Pgs 23-48

Pgs 50-73

Pgs 75-101

Pgs 107-137

Eat what you actually enjoy every day,
while hitting your fitness goal!

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Trusted By 4 Million Youtube Subscribers

I'm Jeremy Ethier:

a Kinesiologist, the founder of Built With Science, and the main guy in front of the camera on the Jeremy Ethier Youtube Channel.

Forcing yourself to stop eating what you've enjoyed your entire life, is impossible to keep up long term. That's why my team and I made this book. With it, you "force yourself" to change nothing.

The Little Fat Loss Ingredient Tweaks (LFITs) inside each recipe let you eat food you love that has all the same great taste you love. All while consuming far fewer calories than you did before.

Bonus #1
Full-Day Meal Plan

Want to eat every meal, right out this book — every day — and simultaneously hit a weekly fat loss goal?

For a limited time, you can.

Included in your cookbook, you’ll receive a meal plan that lets you eat every single meal out of this book.

It will feel “wrong”... Eating these recipes.

Everything inside is engineered to taste delicious, while keeping the calories you consume unbelievably low.

And yet, if you use your meal plan and eat every meal out of this book, you’ll lose fat on a regular basis while eating delicious food!

Bonus #2
Nutrition Facts Shopping Guide

Did you know, food companies pay "slotting fees" to place their food in the "best place" on the shelves (eye level)? It's true. Those same companies almost always have the lowest quality, least healthy, & highest price food.

The Nutrition Facts Shopping Guide bypasses "slotting fees".

For every type of food in this cookbook, we show you actual nutrition labels so you know exactly what to look for and where to find them. Not to mention many of the ingredients we specify are less expensive.

Here’s what real people are saying
about what they’re eating

This cheesecake addict says thank you.

I have a cheesecake problem. When I see cheesecake, I HAVE to eat it. I have no self control. When my bf and I shop, he steers the cart away from the bakery. All 4 of ur cheesecake recipees literally cut my binge calories in half. Taste great! I still don’t have self control, but thanks to your book, it’s ½ the issue it used to be. This cheesecake addict says thank you.

Keysha - Riverside | CA

This makes chicken exciting again

I’ve been eating chicken every night for 10 years. It got boring 5 years ago. This makes chicken exciting again . Tried half the chicken recipes so far. They’ve all got a lower more calories than what I’ve been eating, but are like 10 times tastier.

Logan - Brooklyn | NY

The ingredients are dead simple

Getting this made me start taking my nutrition seriously. I’m not really good at cooking. So far though, everything I’ve made from your cookbook has tasted great. The ingredients are dead simple, and the directions are very easy to understand. I can’t wait to try more recipes.

Delahunt - Miami | Florida

...It’s kind of a mini miracle

My son asked me to buy this for him. He loves it. And I love the love the desserts.

Nancy Emerson - Toronto | Canada

I definitely have more energy.

I eat the muscle griddle in the morning before I go to work. It takes more time to make than hitting a drive through but the upside is, and it's a big upside for me, I definitely have more energy for the gym which lasts until work.

Andrew Gonzalez - Cleveland | Ohio

Your veggie burger & normal burgers kick but

I don't like veggie burgers, but I like this one. I have a busy schedule,( as I'm in med school & have literally zero time). Most of your recipes are pretty simple, which means I don't have to spend a lot of time prepping stuff, and can try to multi-task at the same time! Thank you.

Reece Atherton Reece Atherton - Kalamazoo | MI

Wife kept saying, I can’t believe it’s 368 calories!

Last Saturday, I made a batch of your cheeseburgers. The whole time, my wife kept saying, "I can't believe it's 368 calories." I too, echo her thoughts.

Rex Halibrand Rex Halibrand - Los Angeles | CA

Eat food you actually enjoy every day
while still hitting your fitness goals

Little Fat Loss
Ingredient Tweaks

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are the recipes easy to make?

Very easy. Anybody can use this cookbook. You don’t need to be a gourmet chef to get results. Each recipe has its own page. Below each recipe’s picture we lay out, step-by-step, the preparation of each recipe. Each recipe only has a few steps to go from start to finish. Newbies can use it, as can people who have more experience in the kitchen.

Are the recipes integrated into MyFitnessPal?

Yes! Every single one is integrated with MyFitnessPal (MFP). In the book, each recipe has its own page.

Simply copy / paste it into your MFP account, and every recipe will be logged! Easy as pie.

How will I receive my cookbook?

Since our cookbook is an e-book, it will be sent over to your email in a matter of seconds after you’ve completed the checkout! Once you’ve received it, you can easily download it onto your laptop, phone, or tablet, for easy access!

What if I don’t have access to all the ingredients?

Every ingredient in every recipe has been intentionally selected based on “global” availability—across 2 categories.

Local Brick and Mortar: Almost all ingredients in almost all recipes can be found around the world in grocery stores & markets.Online: All ingredients in all recipes can be found and purchased online — either through Amazon or other online sellers.

In addition, we’ve created an in-depth Grocery Shopping Appendix that’ll help you find exactly what you’re looking for, if you choose to shop locally."

Are there any vegetarian/vegan recipes

Yes! We've included several recipes that are both vegetarian and vegan friendly, and we have identified them with specific tags. All are delicious!

Is this cookbook only for fat loss? What if I want to build muscle?

The recipes in this cookbook are all nutritious and high in protein, which makes it effective whether your goal is to lose fat or build lean muscle. If you were bulking, the only potential difference in how you'd use our cookbook, is that you'd increase the portion sizes of the recipes you create to support your calorie needs. Whether you want to lose fat, build muscle, or just eat delicious meals that keep you energized - this cookbook is for you.

Are there refunds for the cookbook?

Due to the nature of digital products being able to be downloaded at the time of purchase, there are no refunds for the Built with Science LFIT Cookbook.

Getting in shape doesn't have to be
miserable. With this little book, you can. . .

Eat food you actually enjoy every day
while still hitting your fitness goals

Little Fat Loss
Ingredient Tweaks

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