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2-on-1 coaching program


Our proven, science-based approach gives you the focus, motivation and momentum you need to succeed.

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The BWS 2-on-1 Coaching Program cuts out the noise so you can succeed. Even if you’ve tried and failed before.

Let’s face it. There’s a lot of advice out there. In fact, there’s so much advice that it’s hard to know who to trust or what to listen to. You end up confused, overwhelmed and distracted… And getting sucked into these information rabbit holes isn’t doing you any favors.
That’s why our 2-on-1 coaching program helps you succeed. Not only do you get our proven, science-based nutrition and fitness guidance. You also get a customized program designed and monitored by a dedicated dietitian and coach based on your own goals and lifestyle. Allowing you to achieve the results you want in the fastest amount of time possible. With no noise. No rabbit holes.

Is 2-on-1 Coaching right for you?

This is not a DIY program. You’ll be in constant contact with your team to make sure you get all the guidance and support you need.
Here’s how to know if 2-on-1 coaching is right for you:
You’re busy and struggle to find the time to work out and plan/prep meals consistently - we work around your schedule and lifestyle!
You’ve tried other programs or worked with a trainer before but you didn’t get the results you wanted - if you follow the program you WILL see results.
Some programs have worked initially, but you weren’t able to maintain the results - we equip you with the knowledge you need to maintain now and into the future.
You want to understand the fundamentals of nutrition and exercise better - so you can progress with confidence!
You want to look forward to your workouts instead of them feeling like a chore - you don’t need to struggle with low willpower anymore!

Your team will be with you every step of the way

The BWS coaches and dietitians are experts in the latest, evidence-led approaches to training and nutrition. They help you stay on track and focus on what will get you results. So you never get distracted by the latest fitness trends, scams or fads.

Your coach

Your BWS coach will design a program unique to you and your goals - and will consider:

Your health, any injuries and experiences
The equipment you have access to - you don’t need anything fancy or elaborate!
Your schedule and lifestyle - most of our clients are busy professionals with limited time available

You’ll also be in regular contact by email, text and calls.


Your dietitian

Your BWS dietitian will design a unique eating plan that will help you achieve your goals, and will consider:

Your health and background
Dietary restrictions and food preferences - you won’t have to give up your favorites!
Your schedule and lifestyle

You’ll also be in regular contact by email, text and calls.



You won’t get contradicting advice or guesswork when you work with BWS. Everything is designed for you, so you can finally feel in control and focused.

And you’ll love how much momentum and motivation you get when you’re not wasting energy on filtering what information to trust.

Here’s what’s included in the program:

Personalized nutrition and training plan that works for your schedule and lifestyle (this will be updated regularly as you progress)
Ongoing workout and nutrition tracking that’s monitored by your coach & dietitian so you always stay on track
Unlimited support - you can text your coach or dietitian anytime you have a question
Live exercise form checks that prevent injuries and speeds progress
Custom coaching app and access to our exclusive 2-on-1 Members Club so you get constant support and encouragement
Monthly group coaching calls with our coaches & dietitians that answer all of your most pressing questions
Meal prep videos that make cooking a breeze
And more!

When you become a 2-on-1 BWS coaching client you can finally get the results you want!

Our team is devoted to your success. You’ll never waste your time doing the wrong things. Just look at what these 2-on-1 clients achieved:


“I was surprised how fast I saw the results I wanted. I learned how to cook and fuel my body and I feel healthier now than I ever have in my life.”


“If you are someone who works a very demanding job, if you’re someone who’s seen your health derail for the past few years and want to get back on track, I definitely recommend the BWS coaching program.”


“I can see definition in places I’ve never seen before. Even with exercising at home, I have crushed.”
  • "Finally I was seeing progress very quickly"

    “Before I started the 2-on-1 program, I thought I had to break down my body every workout and I started to not look forward to hitting the gym. Once in the program and following the advice of my coach, I started enjoying working out. ”
    Greg A
  • "I knew my life was about to have a very positive change"

    It’s been nothing but amazing from the very beginning. With the guidance of the coach and dietician, I now workout more consistently, efficiently and have been able to progressively overload on my lifts. I became a lot stronger, muscular, and leaner, much quicker than I ever thought was even possible.
    Patrick R
  • "Life has gotten so much easier"

    “Since I started the journey in January, I can honestly tell you that life has gotten easier. I love that after I have prepped all my meals for 5-6 days, I can just focus of my workouts and my baby and enjoying this time. I feel so much stronger now, each week I am able to progressively add more weight or reps to nearly all my workouts. I have my confidence back.” 
    Katie H

No matter your starting point, the BWS 2-on-1 coaching program will help you reach your goals

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here's how it works

StEP 1. Application

Fill out the application and schedule a no-pressure call with an enrollment specialist to discuss goals.

StEP 2. Enrolment Call

If you decide to work with us you’ll be matched with a coach and a dietitian.

StEP 3. Meeting team

Meet with your dedicated team. They’ll design training and nutrition plan that will work for you and your lifestyle. They’ll also create a long-term success roadmap that will get reviewed regularly.

And here’s what to expect when you first start…

During your first week you’ll: